What Are Some Good Affiliate Programs?

Good affiliate programs include those in Web template and design, managed WordPress hosting and link tracking. Affiliate marketers who believe in the products they are promoting and are able to drive a good amount of traffic to their blogs or websites have higher chances of success.

Template Monster is a trusted Web template and design program. The program has a great team, a big potential for earning and focuses on quality and clean code to build good website templates. StudioPress is another good program in the same category focusing on premium and helpful products.

WP Engine is a good managed WordPress hosting company that hosts big brands including Buffer and SoundCloud. Affiliate marketers with good website or blog traffic can reap the most rewards from this program, and it offers good opportunities for both advanced and beginner webmasters.

LinkTrackr is popular with affiliates promoting link tracking software. There is good earning potential with the affiliate program with affiliates earning up to 50 percent commission on every sale. The company specializes in tracking links, analyzing performance and converting keywords into links.

Affiliates do not sell their own products and therefore do not have to deal with payments, customer orders, selling products or services and other online business related logistics, making this is a way for website or blog owners to earn a residual income.