What Are Good Advertising Strategies?


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Good advertising strategies are communications that give a company's products and services priority in the customer's mind over the products and services of competitors. A good advertising strategy makes a company familiar to the public, creates a positive image and attracts customers to the company.

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A good advertising strategy is based on a company's branding and positioning within the target market. A good advertising strategy accomplishes its intended objectives, such as creating a good business image or informing clients. It is also tailored to a specific audience, such as young people or parents, and addresses the specific needs of such customers.

An example of an effective advertising strategy for dealing with competitors offering cheaper products is to reposition a company's products as being of higher quality. A company can accomplish this by creating an ad that portrays the superior quality of the product and appeals to a customer's sense of worth.

An effective ad stands out from competing ads and catches the attention of the target customers, arousing interest in the product or company. It makes customers want to own the product or be part of the company. Good advertising is delivered using the most appropriate media such as television, online or outdoor advertising, depending on a company's marketing budget.

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