What Makes a Good Advertising Campaign?

good-advertising-campaign Credit: sorendls/E+/Getty Images

There are several key elements shared by good advertising campaigns. These elements include audience targeting, strong brand image, uniqueness, ad testing, target marketing, consistency, diversifying, ad monitoring, offering benefits, defining clear goals and managing the advertising budget wisely.

The first step before creating an advertising campaign is conducting research to find the perfect target audience for the message. A good ad aims to reach its ideal market demographic consisting of the people most interested in the product or service. Because people buy things to gain a direct benefit, it is important to include benefits provided by the product or service.

Successful campaigns build on a strong brand image that includes a memorable logo, packaging or other element, such as a mascot. Defining clear goals and objectives is preferable over stating no goal. Knowing what the campaign is designed to accomplish brings in more positive results.

Creativity and uniqueness make ad campaigns stand out in a crowded marketplace. A good creative idea can boost an ad's response without the need to spend a fortune. After an ad campaign is created, it is often tested on a small focus group for effectiveness. Alternatively, advertisers sometimes send out a brief questionnaire along with a preview of the ad. Based on this testing, campaigns determine if the ad should move forward or be improved.