How Do You Have Good Advertising?


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Good advertisements must be memorable, entertaining and informative. Additionally, good advertising effectively targets a specific audience and attracts attention. Good advertising creates interest in and generates curiosity about the products or services being offered.

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A memorable advertisement allows a viewer to recall clearly what products were featured in it and leaves a positive impression that may last for decades. A successful advertisement generates pleasurable memories and emotions in a viewer that influence and encourage him to purchase the product at a later time. However, good advertisements don’t usually force a call to action in an obvious manner, as this type of marketing strategy is less likely to be effective.

Effective advertising is entertaining to a potential buyer and is more likely to gain attention if humor is incorporated into it. One way to incorporate humor into an advertisement is to create an imitation or enactment based on recent happenings. Good advertisements may also use songs, images and stories to promote a brand and create a strong association between the advertisement and the brand.

An advertisement can only be effective if it is visible. Testing a variety of advertisement designs helps determine which ones captivate the attention of viewers. Additionally, effective advertisements target the most appropriate audience for the products being offered and determine which television program, radio station or other marketing channel should be used to facilitate the advertising.

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