What Are Some Good 3D Printing Stocks to Own?

Individuals seeking advice about the best 3D printing stocks for investment can check financial websites such as The Motley Fool, which states that the best 3D printing stocks as of 2015 are Stratasys and Arcam. The Motley Fool recommends buying two or more 3D technology stocks to increase the odds of success.

Creative uses of 3D printers include making human organs, prosthetics to replace missing limbs, and automotive prototypes, as reported by Forbes. Doctors are able to shape human organs using living cells from patients, and this procedure involves printing a scaffold, coating it with human cells and implanting the organ into the patient. Organs made from 3D printed materials are an alternative to donated human organs, and may someday replace the need for human donors.

Prosthetics is another area where 3D printing is making huge inroads. Biomedical research facilities are designing sophisticated prosthetics such as the Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton, a wearable medical device that helps people gain mobility, according to Forbes. Animal clinics are using the new 3D technology to create missing body parts for disabled animals such as Buttercup the duck, who received a prosthetic foot. A jelly-like material is used to print lifelike feet and tails for animals. Automobile companies are using 3D printing to manufacture car parts and vehicle bodies, creating unique prototypes.