What Goes on a Simple Release Form?


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A simple release form typically contains sections to denote the name of the person or party releasing rights, the name of the person or entity receiving the rights and a short description of the rights in question. Some forms may also include additional areas to cover specific usage rules, identify the release of financial liability or designate penalties for violating the terms of the release.

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A release form can appear in many different circumstances, as it allows one party to obtain the rights to use certain content or prevent any legal responsibly of one party in regard to a specific situation. The first frequently occurs in regard to filming and photography, such as a model releasing the rights to her likeness to the photographer so that he may sell the pictures to other companies or individuals. These forms include the name of the model and photographer, a statement explaining the usage rights she is giving up and an area for each party's signatures.

A release of liability form requires one party to forfeit the right to blame another party for any injury, financial loss or personal damage that takes place during an event or at a facility. These forms frequently occur during participation at an event, such as a marathon race or charity sports game, and are between an individual and the event organizer. Such forms include the same identity areas along with statements acknowledging that the organizer is not responsible for anything that happens to the person signing it.

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