What Goes Into Minutes of Business Meetings?


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Business meeting minutes should contain a heading, the time of the meeting, a statement regarding quorum, notes on specific items, and a time that the meeting concluded. Business meeting notes serve legal purposes, and responsible parties should maintain them appropriately.

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The heading of the meeting notes emphasizes the purpose of the gathering. Information to include can relate to the location of the meeting and any details about those who attended via voice or video conference. The official time of the meeting dictates how management makes decisions and whether the quorum was met in the time frame. Quorum represents a minimum attendance number and ensures that a sufficient number of owners and managers are present. Businesses establish quorum in their bylaws or stated policies.

Notes related to the meeting are also essential for the minutes documentation, as these notes help verify the discussions and conclusions that took place. Secretaries should document vote counts for any polls conducted during the meeting, and the notes section should mention any consensus on critical topics; it is also important to mention the concerns of any parties opposed to specific actions. Finally, a statement relating to the meeting being officially adjourned represents the closing portion of the meeting minutes.

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