What Goes in a Letter of Interest for a Teaching Position?


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In a letter of interest for a teaching position, any past experience as a teacher or teacher’s assistant should be included. Details of teacher training programs completed and certifications obtained should be outlined, as well.

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Several elements go in a letter of interest for a teaching position. Professionals who are applying for a position as a teacher can mention their experience in the field. They can emphasize the number of years they have worked in the sector and their dedication to promote student learning; these can include paid positions or unpaid volunteer work. Applicants can demonstrate what they have learned through their experience working with children and how they have grown. They can speak about what they have enjoyed most about teaching and what they hope to achieve when they are hired at the new school.

Individuals who are new to the profession and have no teaching experience can highlight the training courses they have taken and any certificates they may have earned. They may also discuss their educational background and any experience that involves working closely with children. Motivation for pursuing a career in the profession should be included, as well as unique characteristics and any skills they may bring to the institution. For example, those who are applying to schools in diverse communities can reflect on how their solid exposure to various cultures makes them a good fit for the organization.

Finally, letters of interest for a teaching position must be proofread for accuracy and completeness. Letters that are poorly written or contain grammatical errors often reflect poorly on the candidate.

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