How Do You Get a GMAC Vehicle Loan?


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As of 2015, GMAC vehicle loans are managed by Ally Auto, a branch of Ally Financial, according to CarsDirect. Loans from Ally Auto cover personal and business auto financing for all vehicles from the GM brand family, including Buick, Chevrolet and Maserati, according to Ally Auto.

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GMAC vehicle loans were offered and managed by GMAC auto financing until May 2010, at which time the company was re-branded as Ally Auto, states Ally Financial. Ally Auto offers loans for the purchase or lease of personal vehicles. The company also offers a flexible loan option for new Chrysler, GM or Mitsubishi vehicles that features a four-year or six-year lease period with the option to sell the vehicle back to Ally Auto at the end of the lease period.

Ally Auto loans are available through a nationwide network of 17,000 automobile dealerships. The company offers commercial lease and purchase options to companies, organizations and municipalities through special plans such as SmartLease, ComTRAC and the Municipal Lease-Purchase Plan, a product that finances essential-needs vehicles used by municipal organizations, according to Ally Auto.

CarsDirect reported in 2013 that Ally Auto customers continued to receive special deals and discounts on vehicles from the GM garage because of the company's unique positioning as a GMAC auto loan provider.

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