What Gluten-Free Yogurt Brands Are Available?

What Gluten-Free Yogurt Brands Are Available?

All yogurt is gluten-free unless it contains an added flavor that has gluten as an ingredient. Gluten is a component of grains, and therefore yogurt, being a dairy product, is essentially gluten-free.

As of 2015, yogurt brands that advertise their products as gluten-free include Dannon plain, Brown Cow (except for fruit and whole grain varieties), Mountain High, Stoneyfield Farms, Tillamook and Turtle Mountain. Stoneyfield has one flavor containing gluten noted on its website.

Gluten contamination in yogurt occurs when companies add flavors, additives or colouring. A solution is to buy plain yogurt and add flavors or other ingredients at home to ensure it remains gluten-free.

Common sources of gluten are wheat, barley and rye. Gluten does not naturally occur in oats, but they often become contaminated from times spent in gluten-containing processing facilities. Gluten imparts a sticky quality to food, and it commonly shows up in ingredients lists for dressings, sauces, candies and food starch. Yogurt that has a fruit sauce or syrup in it likely contains gluten.

Individuals with gluten-intolerance, also called celiac disease, experience stomach cramps, bloating and indigestion when they ingest gluten. Gluten-free foods include meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and unflavored coffee and tea. Anyone suffering from gluten intolerance should read the labels of all other prepared foods, including bread, pasta, baking mixes and condiments, or look for a gluten-free symbol or slogan.