How Do You Get Glade Refill Coupons?

There are multiple sources for Glade refill coupons, including online coupon sites such as and As of September 2015, these sites offer printable coupons that offer discounts such as 75 cents off one double Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refills pack. To access the coupons, visit the website, "clip" or download the desired coupon and print it out.

Use the following steps to obtain Glade refill coupons.

  1. Locate coupons
  2. Visit coupon, retailer or manufacturer websites and search for offers on Glade refills.

  3. Select and download desired coupons
  4. Different coupon sites have different techniques for allowing users to download and print coupons, though the process is effectively the same. Click "clip," and the desired coupon is saved for printing. These sites also often offer coupons for other Glade products that may be clipped and printed at the same time.

  5. Print
  6. Coupon websites usually have a "Print Coupons" button that allows users to print coupons with their home printers. Some coupon websites that offer Glade refill coupons may require users to download a small software file in order to use their proprietary coupon printer. is one such site. Users who do not yet have this software are prompted to download this file after clicking the "Print Coupons" button on

  7. Redeem
  8. After printing, redeem coupons in acceptable stores. Retail websites such as may offer coupons that are only valid in their own stores.