How Do You Give Two Weeks Notice Before Leaving Your Job?

Giving two weeks notice when resigning a job is standard practice. Some employers require it as part of a contract, according to U.S. News & World Report. Others just expect it as the right thing to do. Follow a few basic steps to property give two weeks notice.

  1. Write a resignation letter

    Some employers require a formal resignation letter to make your decision official. Even a resignation letter is not required, it's good practice to provide one. The letter should not have excessive detail. Just indicate you have decided to move on and make mention of the intended end date of your work relationship.

  2. Communicate your intent

    Let your supervisor know in person or by phone that you are resigning. An in-person message is better, but distance or scheduling challenges may lead to a phone call. Simply state that you have decided to move on and express appreciation for the opportunity. Don't burn bridges with excessive criticism and complaining. Hand over the resignation letter.

  3. Finish the two weeks

    The mentality you take during the last two weeks at a job have lasting implications. Future hiring managers may contact previous employers for references. Leave on good terms by performing the job to the best of your abilities and assisting with any transitions before leaving.