How Do You Give Interview Feedback?


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Feedback following an interview is delivered through telephone calls, email and written correspondence. Newer methods of conveying feedback also include video through recorded contacts or live chat. It is uncommon and considered in bad taste to use instant messaging or text messages to provide feedback for an interview.

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Feedback is considered a standard courtesy after an interview for a job or other promotional opportunity. This occurs after the interview phase is completed for each candidate and the individual in charge of hiring is able to review all the applicants involved in the process. The typical amount of time between an interview and preliminary feedback is a day, while the final review and decision takes up to a month.

Preliminary interview feedback thanks the applicant for participating and sets a timetable for a determination. This documentation also provides contact information for following up with the hiring manager in case any additional information becomes pertinent or circumstances surrounding hiring change.

Interview feedback is generally submitted through written post and email. This allows for clarity and formality of information regarding the process, provides insight into things that need improvement or extends an offer based on the outcome of the review. It is increasingly common to submit this feedback through digital media.

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