How Do You Give a Good Presentation?

How Do You Give a Good Presentation?

To give a good presentation, know your subject matter, research your audience, prepare a script and select effective visual aids. Rehearse your presentation to increase your confidence.

  1. Learn your subject matter

    Look up information, and read reports to learn your subject matter. Confidence in your presentation resonates with your audience and helps you give a successful presentation.

  2. Research your audience

    Find out about your audience to help craft an appropriate and effective presentation. Tailor your presentation to the viewpoint of your audience.

  3. Prepare a script

    Prepare short notes on file cards or a comprehensive script, depending on the formality of the presentation. Include an opening, body and summary.

  4. Use effective visual aids

    Use charting and presentation software to present your information. Design the appropriate graphics to make the information you present easily understood. Use graphs with text images to enhance your points. Avoid unnecessary or distracting images and logos, and only use what is necessary to make your points.

  5. Rehearse your presentation

    Rehearse your presentation multiple times until you are confident in your material. Arrive early to your presentation, and set everything up. Carry extra copies of handout materials. Add tasteful humor to your presentation to make it more interesting.