How Do You Give the Best Answers to Tough Job Interview Questions?


To give the best answers to tough job interview questions, research answer ideas for the questions ahead of time and conduct practice interviews with a friend. Look for a job interview class at a college career center to improve your interview skills.

Common job interview questions that are considered difficult include asking about the applicant's biggest weakness, asking why the company should hire the applicant and asking what the applicant didn't like about his previous position.

If the interviewer asks about your biggest weakness, you should avoid weaknesses that reflect poorly on you or your ability to do the job. Instead, choose a weakness that can be turned into a strength, such as getting too committed to one project. Mention that you are working on your prioritization skills to correct the issue.

To explain why the company should hire you, determine several qualities that make you an asset before the interview. These qualities can be based on previous work experience, or school experience if your job history is limited. Focus on positive results you have had in prior positions, as interviewers look for a track record of success.

Avoid mentioning potential weaknesses or disparaging a previous employer when discussing negative aspects of a previous job. Instead, explain a way in which the company could have better utilized your abilities.