What Are Some Gift Ideas for a Male Boss?

Gift ideas for a male boss include a leather organizer, a laptop tray, a Bonsai tree or candles. These gifts are not expensive and still maintain a professional relationship.

A black leather organizer allows a boss to stow away his pens, pencils, paperclips, staples and other small items to clean up and organize his desk. Instead of constant clutter on his desk, the boss can have some space and not risk losing the easily-missed items.

A laptop tray is another great organizational gift, according to Business News Daily. This tray allows the boss to get his job done from anywhere, whether it be home on the couch or in the car on the way to the airport for his next big meeting. Beyond laptops, the boss can also easily stash his tablet and smartphone here.

For a more personal gift, a Bonsai tree can serve as a nature-inspired touch. This present will help him relax when work is getting a little too stressful, plus it adds some cheer to his office.

Candles also have the same effect, Business News Daily notes. With an endless variety of brands and scents to choose from, the boss can enjoy springy floral scents, the smells of the beach or even nontraditional scents like wine.