How Do You Find a Gift Card Redemption Code?

Most gift cards have a redemption code listed on the back of the gift card. It is often hidden underneath a coating that is first scratched off with a key or metal coin. Other gift cards have the redemption code clearly printed on the back without having a coating. Some gift cards list the number on the front of the card.

The process of using a gift card redemption code is slightly different, depending on the retailer. With an gift card, log in to the account, then click on the Apply a Gift Card to Your Account link under the account dashboard. There is a box to enter the claim code. After entering the code, click Apply to Your Account. also allows shoppers to enter the claim code during checkout; however, if the card holder is signed up for the one-click service, he must add the funds on the gift card to his account first.

For an Apple iTunes gift card, log into Apple using your Apple ID. When at the Apple website, click Redeem at the bottom of the page, then sign in. With this type of card, the claim code is a 16-digit code on the back of the card, usually starting with an "X."