How Do You Go About Getting a Loan?


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To get a loan, choose a loan type and a financial institution from which to borrow before completing that institution's application process, as About.com instructs. If you cannot secure a loan due to bad credit or other reasons, consider applying with a co-signer.

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How Do You Go About Getting a Loan?
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Depending on how you plan to use the funds, choose a loan type, such as an auto loan, a home loan, an education loan or a personal loan, according to About.com. Browse lending institutions, such as your school's student aid office, your bank or a credit union, or consider a peer-to-peer loan from a multiple-lender website. However, be wary of high-cost loan options such as rent-to-own programs and payday loans.

Credit is key to securing a loan because it shows lenders that you have a history of repaying your loans, as confirmed by About.com, and if you have no credit, you may have to secure a smaller loan at a higher cost. To understand if you need to build credit, seek out your annual free credit report from one of the credit reporting agencies. Before taking out a loan, understand the type of payments you must make, the interest costs and repayment methods. Go to the lender to apply for the loan and to learn about the next steps you must take. The approval process may be immediate, or you may need to provide additional information, such as bank statements.

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