How Does the Georgia Department of Human Services Determine Eligibility for Medicaid?

The Georgia Department of Community Health determines eligibility for Medicaid by income and by whether the applicant is pregnant, a child or teenager, age 65 or older, legally blind, disabled, or in need of nursing home care, according to the Georgia Department of Community Health. The federal government makes the initial determination of an applicant's eligibility for Medicaid, after which the individual state makes the final eligibility determination, states Medicaid.

The maximum income an applicant may earn and retain eligibility for Medicaid varies depending on the applicant's status and, in some cases, on family size, states the Georgia Department of Community Health. Income limits are most restrictive for single nondisabled adults who are not pregnant or parents; as of 2015, those applicants may earn no more than $235 a month to qualify for low-income Medicaid, states the department. A single pregnant woman may earn no more than $1,196 a month as of 2015, and an aged, blind or disabled applicant may earn a monthly income of no more than $315.

The state of Georgia administers its Medicaid program through the Georgia Families managed-care system, and the majority of Medicaid recipients in Georgia must register with Georgia Families to receive Medicaid benefits, according to