How Does George Cole Auctions and Realty Work?


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To sell items through George Cole Auctions & Realty, potential sellers meet with an agent, who will then determine if the items will be sold through the auction house, states GeorgeColeAuctions.com. Three weeks after their items are sold, sellers will be sent a check and a bill of sale for their items.

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George Cole Auctions & Realty is a real estate and antiques auction house in Redhook, New York, as noted by GeorgeColeAuctions.com. Auction offerings can feature a large number of items including vehicles, antiques, farm machinery and commercial equipment. Auctions typically occur within the company's auction hall, but some auctions may be held online or onsite. Real estate auctions are held onsite at the specific property's location.

To sell their items, sellers will meet with an agent who decides if the items will go to auction or not. The agent takes the items and leaves a receipt with the seller for reference. The items may not go to auction immediately, as the company typically has a large inventory already on hand and ready to be sold. The items that will appear in the next auction are advertised through print and online resources, and the sellers receive a check and bill of sale for their items three weeks after the items are sold.

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