What is generally included in a job description for a clerical position?


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Clerical positions usually require employees to answer phone calls, organize calendars, file and maintain office documents, and manage the work flow of the office. The term "clerical position" is an open-ended one and can describe positions from an accounting clerk to a receptionist to a paralegal.

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The term "clerical position" is often used to describe a wide range of office and administrative roles at a company. These days, clerical work is specialized by departments or industry. A data entry clerk would have a different type of job compared to that of a court clerk or a operations clerk. No matter the specialization, clerical work is a vital part of many businesses.

In order to be effective in a clerical position, the employee usually must have certain traits. A clerk should be organized, have a strong eye for detail, have excellent time management skills, and be a successful communicator.

A high school diploma is a must for any clerical position as well as a basic comprehension of computer programs like Word or Excel. In certain fields, an associates or bachelor's degree may be required. Specialized training may also be a requisite for roles like a medical clerk or a court clerk.

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