What Are the General Requirements for Teaching?


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Teaching demands formal education. It requires completion of a teacher preparation program that includes either an undergraduate, masters or an alternative program. Every state requires public school teachers to be licensed on completion of education requirements and passing necessary examinations.

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What Are the General Requirements for Teaching?
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An elementary teacher should have a bachelor’s degree in education, while a high school teacher should hold a degree in a subject area. Special education tutors may opt to major in special education or a content subject with a minor in special education. However, in some states, teachers are required to earn a master’s degree after being licensed. The first step to becoming a teacher is the completion of high school. After attaining a high school diploma, one can enroll in college for a bachelor’s degree program.

Aspiring high school teachers need to major in a subject of their wish. Teaching at a grade school level requires a major in education and minor in another area. Almost all academic programs in education comprise the courses needed to apply for state teacher certification. In case someone majored in a noneducation field but wishes to teach later, he can pursue alternative certification programs set by his state. These programs differ, but they require students to pick a subject area they plan on teaching and complete a coursework in this field.

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