What Are Some General Job Titles in the Service Industry?


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General job titles within the service industry include waiter, shift manager, housekeeper, desk clerk, and hostess or host. Other titles include bartender, administrator, maintenance technician, cook and sales associate. The service industry includes a wide variety of positions in settings such as hotels, restaurants and retail environments.

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Many service industry jobs deal with food in some capacity, ranging from high-end restaurants to fast food establishments, all of which feature several different types of managerial positions. Many companies feature a shift manager responsible for organizing staff schedules and overseeing a specific set of employees. Many food service businesses also feature waiters or waitresses, which are responsible for taking orders from customers and delivering the food to them. Some restaurants do not offer table service, instead featuring counters and employing cashiers to process orders. Both types also feature different food preparation jobs, ranging from cook and chefs to workers only responsible for preparing the ingredients and unpacking raw materials.

Service industry jobs also exist within the hospitality subset, which commonly includes hotels and similar accommodations. These businesses feature desk clerk jobs, which involve fielding phone calls from potential customers and attending to the needs of current guests. Hotels and inns also commonly feature administrative roles that involve overseeing the condition of the establishment, ordering supplies and managing other employees. They also feature maintenance staff responsible for conducting repairs on the property and cleaning staff that keep the rooms tidy.

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