What Is a General Job Description for a Secretary?

A general job description for a secretary includes providing administrative support; offering information, such as reports, to management; maintaining schedules and greeting customers. The job description for a secretary varies depending on the company's needs.

Some of the specific job duties of a secretary include formatting, transcribing, editing, inputting and copying data, text and graphics. Secretaries also organize work by routing and reading correspondence and initiate telecommunications. Maintaining schedules for departments and arranging meetings, travel and conferences are also typical job duties of a secretary. Often, secretaries work with customers, too, and greet them, answer questions or refer customers to people in the office who can help with an inquiry.

Secretaries also help to maintain customer confidence and help to keep company information confidential. A secretary is also often asked to prepare reports by gathering information. Many secretaries are also in charge of office supplies and usually check stock, order supplies, anticipate supply needs and verify the receipt of supplies. Secretaries also help to keep office equipment operational and work with vendors when equipment requires repairs.

Depending on the company, a secretary may also be in charge of securing information by backing up databases, providing references, maintaining technical knowledge and contributing to the team in other ways when needed.