What Is the General Job Description of a Radiologist?


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A general job description of a radiologist includes, among other things, job duties such as capturing and analyzing medical images, job requirements that include a Doctor of Medicine degree from an accredited medical school, and potential compensation at a median of $273,980 for radiologists as of 2014, according to PayScale.com. A detailed job description might also include subspecialties, licensing requirements and potential career paths for advancement.

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A radiologist's daily job duties involve capturing and reading images from X-rays, CT scans and MRIs in order to diagnose injuries or illness in their patients. Radiologists may operate the machinery used to collect these images, and in most cases, they consult with primary care physicians to determine and recommend treatment options.

Radiologists may specialize in a specific area such as emergency radiology, pediatric radiology, breast imaging, radiation oncology or nuclear medicine. Research positions, teaching positions and health care administration are some options for experienced radiologists who have advanced in their careers.

Becoming a radiologist requires at least 11 years of education including an undergraduate degree, a medical degree, and a residency. State licensing is required, and all students must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examinations. The field is very competitive and requires high marks in medical school and high scores on all entrance exams.

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