What Is the General Format of an Income Verification Letter?


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The general format of an income verification letter begins with the date of the letter, followed by a heading including the author's name, as well as the company he works for and the company's address. After a brief salutation, the text should include the employee's full name, position at the company and hire date. It should also include the employee's current salary, as well as his job responsibilities. Contact information and an invitation to contact the author should be provided.

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When writing an income verification letter for an employee, only disclose the information asked for by the requesting party. While a landlord, insurance company or bank may need to know the employee's current salary, another company may not. Unless the employee authorizes it, do not place any personal information, including, but not limited to, his address and phone number, in the text of the letter.

If the employee needing the income verification letter is no longer employed with the company, write the letter to reflect that. Provide the last job duties and salary before he separated from the company. Do not mention the reason for termination unless the employee specifically requests that it be included. If the termination reason is to be included, use appropriate, legally sound verbiage to describe the separation, such as "mutual agreement" or "resignation."

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