What Does a General Foreman Do?

A Foreman is an employee of a company who is assigned the responsibility of overseeing others to ensure that work is done correctly. The Foreman is given limited authority by management. The Foremen reports to his direct supervisor within a company, and he discusses the efficiency and failings of individuals under him. One of the most common Foreman jobs is the Shop Foreman, found in textile and manufacturing plants.

The Foreman acts as a go-between for workers and upper management. The Foreman neither makes the rules, nor does he hire or fire anyone without permission from a higher-level executive. A Foreman may have the authority to take disciplinary action on a worker. The Foreman relays the orders of upper management and makes sure everything is done to company specifications.

The Foreman usually has a lot of experience and is very proficient in doing most jobs in the department he supervises. The Foreman knows the workers better than the management and typically brings grievances to the bosses. A Foreman may also be the person who schedules each employee's work hours.

Another type of Foreman is a Jury Foreman. This is a person who is elected by a judge or jury during a trial to act as the jury's representative.