What Is General Electric's Dividend History?


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Since 1995, General Electric has paid a quarterlydividend of between 10 cents and 52 centsper share. The lower dividends were paid in some quarters falling in 2009 and 2010. The highest dividends were paid in the first half of 1997, as recorded on the General Electric website.

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From 1995 until half way through 2000, the dividend paid by General Electric did not fall below 26 cents per share, with the lowest payments in that 5-year period occurring in the latter part of 1997. In the middle of 2000, the dividend fell to 14 cents per share. It stayed in the teens through 2003 before climbing to 20 centsin 2004. In2009, the dividend payment gradually increased, peaking for this period withthe April 2009 payment of31 cents per share.

In July 2009, during the time of the financial and banking crisis, it fell to 10 centsper share. It remained less than 15 cents per share for 2 yearsand did not get over 20 centsper share again until January 2014. It paid 22 cents per share in January, April, July and October of 2014 and 23 cents per share in the first part of 2015.

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