What Is GEMB?

The abbreviation GEMB most commonly stands for General Electric Money Bank, a subsidiary of General Electric Retail Sales Finance, Inc. The company was founded in 1988 and provides consumer financing for vehicle loans, credit cards and financial solutions. GE Money Bank changed its name to GE Capital Retail Bank in 2011.

GE Capital Retail Bank serves industries like automotive, health care, sporting goods, retail, travel and more. The bank creates credit cards and debit cards for various financial institutions, retail merchants and businesses. Consumers can apply for many cards and services through GE Capital Retail Bank. Notable acquisitions include Walmart prepaid cards, Citibank card program assets and MG Capital. The company is based in Utah.

GEMB can also stand for George Elkins Mortgage Banking Company, a financial institution based in Los Angeles. This bank has been around since 1922 and services commercial real estate loans. The company has other offices in California including San Diego, Torrance and Lake Forest. George Elkins Mortgage Banking Company originates $725 million in loans annually.

Abbreviations.com reveals GEMB stands for other things. It could mean the Golden Eagle Marching Band, a ground electronics maintenance building, geriatric evaluation and management beds, or a general editorial and management board.