How Do You Find GE Stock Dividend Rates?

How Do You Find GE Stock Dividend Rates?

Investors can view current GE stock dividend rates by visiting the Nasdaq website and searching for GE, states Nasdaq. The company summary data page offers other important information that investors can use to make a buying decision.

To find GE stock dividend rates according to Nasdaq:

  1. Visit Nasdaq
  2. Go to the website homepage.

  3. Click Quotes
  4. Along the top banner of the homepage, click the Quotes tab.

  5. Search
  6. Type GE into the symbol lookup search tool and press Enter.

  7. Review the page
  8. The company profile page offers a summary of GE stock data, including the earnings per share, annualized dividend amount, expected dividend date, dividend payment date and current yield, among other information about the company's stock, according to Nasdaq.