What Are Some GE Employee Benefits?

GE offers a wide range of employee benefits, including health insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, and different types of retirement savings and pension plans, depending on the sector and job within the company. It also offers other benefits across different areas of the company, including health training, tuition compensation, emergency aid and product purchasing discounts.

A significant portion of the benefits GE offers to employees focuses on insurance, including coverage for health care, vision and dental procedures. New employees typically have access to different types of plans, though options may vary depending on the location of the employee and the nature of the job. Employees also have access to disability insurance to help cover lost wages in the event that the employee experience an injury while at a job site and life insurance for both the employee and her spouse. All employees have access to different levels of time off and vacation options, which vary in length and quantity.

Employees are also able to sign up for retirement plans, including traditional pensions or 401(k) savings plans, with options and eligibility depending on the exact nature of the position. Other benefits may include a program that offers employees a discount when purchasing GE products, typically directly form the company rather than from third-party retailers. Some employees may also receive reimbursements on tuition for training and education directly relevant to advancement within the company.