Which Gas Stations Take the Bi-Lo Fuel Perks?


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Shell gas stations are the primary participants in the Bi-Lo fuel perks program, and the Bi-Lo company also cites "other select fuel stations" as participants in the program, as of 2015. The Bi-Lo fuel perks program allows customers to earn fuel points when they purchase groceries from Bi-Lo supermarkets.

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In addition to regular points, customers can earn bonus perks by taking advantage of special "blue tag" weekly specials. Customers then use their points at the participating gas station to obtain a discount on each gallon of gasoline that they purchase. Because the discount applied per gallon of gasoline is based on the number of fuel points a customer has earned, customers can save more per gallon by allowing points to accumulate. There is no limit to the number of fuel points that a customer can earn or use each month. Bi-Lo is a southern chain of grocery stores that was established in 1961 and currently has more than 200 stores across four states. Bi-Lo's founder was a former employee of Winn-Dixie, whose goal was to establish a chain of grocery stores that offered straightforward discount pricing. Bi-Lo introduced the Bonus Card program, which is the medium that Bi-Lo customers use to earn and use fuel points.

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