What Is a Gas Payment Card?

gas-payment-card Credit: Dimitri Otis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Gas payment cards, also known as fuel cards or gasoline cards, are cards issued by companies that allow for cashless transactions at gas stations and provide incentives for use, according to Fuelman.com. Some companies that issue gasoline payment cards include Shell, Exxon and Sinclair Oil.

The gasoline payment cards issued by Shell include credit cards that provide a small cash incentive per gallon of gasoline bought. Shell, as of 2015, also offers gift cards and refillable cards for cashless gasoline payment. The Shell Saver Card provides 2 cents off for every gallon of gasoline, while the Drive for Five provides 5 cents off per gallon.

As of 2015, Exxon offers a Smart Card that offers 6 cents off for every gallon. Exxon also offers a line of credit cards that provides savings on gas and a cashless Speedpass tag that has features similar to its gas payment cards.

Sinclair Oil offers both credit and non-credit card options among its gas payment card options, as described on the Sinclair Oil website. Sinclair's Advantage Card is based on one's checking account and operates as a debit card when used at Sinclair Oil gas stations. The Sinclair Charge Card extends a credit line to users, but unlike standard credit cards, it does not have a revolving line of credit attached, allowing users to pay it off every month without accruing interest on their own debt.