How Do You Find Gas Coupons?

Gas coupons are available online and in circulars or newspapers, according to CNN. Online venues often include printable coupons and discount codes for gas cards and rebates, and many circulars or coupon bundles contain coupons good for a discount from the cost of each gallon.

CNN quotes the CEO of Whaleshark Media as noting that many consumers are unaware of their options for gas coupons. The company runs RetailMeNot and, two online outlets for printable coupons and codes. Newspapers regularly carry series of coupons on at least a weekly basis. Gas vouchers are also available in circulars tucked inside the newspapers or as standalone ads. Bulk-mailed packages can also include gas vouchers. Valpak, a major coupon distributor, allows customers to print many coupons directly from its website.

Alternatives to gas coupons may save even more money, according to CNN. These include shopping at locations that provide discounts to members, and using loyalty cards from retail outlets that also sell gas. As of 2015, these stores may offer discounts of up to 50 percent, especially in locations near the headquarters of major grocery or retail chains. Many deals vary greatly by location, and offers may only apply to specific stores or have other limitations.