How Do You Find Your Garbage Pickup Schedule?


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Each state has its own garbage schedule that can be accessed from the city's government website. Each department responsible for collecting refuse is called something different in every city. New York City refers to it as the Department of Sanitation. Los Angeles, however, refers to it as the Bureau of Sanitation, while Philadelphia calls it the Sanitation Division. Sanitation is the keyword.

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How Do You Find Your Garbage Pickup Schedule?
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Sanitation is responsible for collecting and eliminating liquid and solid waste from residential and commercial occupations. Usually sanitation operates on a weekly schedule, but it is closed for federal holidays and some state-specific holidays. Each city operates independently, and therefore, what will be collected and what is the individual's responsibility varies by city. Sanitation is also responsible for providing recycling units and collecting recyclables, although it is the individual's job to separate non-recyclables from recyclables. Sanitation also provides street sweeping and sand and ice trucks.

Sanitation has been practiced in some form since at least 7000 years ago. Ancient civilizations that practiced sanitation were the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The sanitation revolution began in the 19th century with the discovery that germs and disease could be eradicated with soap and water and by maintaining a clean environment. This started bathing practices, water treatment and the collection of garbage.

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