Do Gander Mountain Weekly Fliers Vary by State?


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Gander Mountain promotional weekly fliers do vary by state and by individual store. Gander Mountain publishes available fliers on its website under a section called Shop Local, where customers can enter a geographical area, by ZIP code or city and state, in order to view the related local flier.

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Retail sales and specials often vary according to geographical location, since item popularity, price and demand also vary by geographical location. Gander Mountain, like most retailers, distributes different promotional weekly fliers with different products featured and specials offered in order to attempt to maximize its sales through location-specific targeted advertising. For example, snowshoes may not be a good item to offer for sale in Alaska, where they can be used year-round, but it might make sense to offer a sale on the product at a store in Wisconsin at the end of winter, when demand is lower, in order to stimulate sales for the product.

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