Where Do You Find Furnished House Rentals?


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Information about renting furnished houses and apartments for short terms can be found on websites such as Sublet.com and Execustay.com. General classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org also contain sections for both vacation and sublet rentals as well as general rental listings that may offer furnished housing.

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Sublet.com allow users to browse through its collection of sublet property listings, which means the property is not rented by the owner but by a separate party who has already entered into a rental agreement with the owner and is now looking to transfer the rental responsibilities. Each listing on the site contains information about the property's features and amenities, along with pictures of the unit and rental terms and pricing. Listings also contain a section that tells if the property is furnished, with options to filter out any listings that are for unfurnished properties.

Craigslist.org does not feature any special filtering options for furnished housing, as of March 2015, which means users need to conduct a keyword search to locate those listings that are furnished. Search for terms such as "furnished" or "furniture included" to cover as broad a range as possible. In some cases, contacting the rental agent directly may be the best way to ask if a house is furnished or not.

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