What Are Some Funny Ideas for Award Certificates?

Funny ideas for award certificates include "The Bermuda Triangle Award: The desk space where things go in, and never return," "The Caffeine Addict Award: For the employee who drinks the most coffee in a day," and the "Pig Pen Award: For the messiest desk in the office." FunAwards.com, PaperDirect.com and SillyCertificates.com all provide funny ideas for award certificates.

FunAwards.com sells packets of 101 printable award certificates that were written by comedian Larry Weaver for employees, coworkers or teachers. Examples of funny employee certificates include "The Hump Day Award, For Most Excited About Wednesdays" and "The Duct Tape Award, for Being Able to Fix Just About Anything." A sample office award certificate says "Office Quarterback Award, For Best at Handing Off Work." Free printable certificates include "The Raisin Award, For Most Deserving of a 'Raisin' Pay" and "Selective Hearing Impairment Award for Only Hearing What You Want to Hear."

SillyCertificates.com provides instantly downloadable certificates, including the "Human Megaphone Award, for talking so loud on the phone everybody in the office knows you're not working," the "Yackety Yac Award, for never being at a loss for words - EVER. The sound of silence is a foreign concept," and the "Wikipedia Award, for always having an answer to every question - whether it's right or not." Certificates are sold in PDF and PowerPoint format and can be modified.