What Are Some Funny Famous Advertising Slogans?


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"Where's the beef?" which was an old slogan for Wendy's and "The drink that made Milwaukee famous," a tag line for Schlitz beer are funny and famous advertising slogans. "They're grrrrreat" is another funny and famous slogan for Frosted Flakes. These slogans use humor, sarcasm and silliness to sell their products.

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Actress Clara Peller first said the phrase "Where's the beef?" in a Wendy's commercial in 1984. The slogan advertised Wendy's generous meat portions by showing how small other burgers were. In the commercial, an older lady prepares to take a bite of a burger, but upon seeing the tiny meat patty, she stops and exclaims, "Where's the beef?"

Schlitz beer, or "The drink that made Milwaukee famous," is made by Pabst Brewing Company and was the most popular beer from 1902 until the1950s. The company's sarcastic tag line pokes fun at Milwaukee's low status. Schlitz beer has used that slogan since 1920, when it re-labeled itself as a beverage company.

Frosted Flakes, a General Mills breakfast cereal, uses the slogan "They're grrrrrreat" in its commercials. Tony the Tiger, an athletic cartoon tiger, says the slogan in a silly and energetic way to encourage children to choose Frosted Flakes cereal.

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