What Are Some Funny Employee Awards?

funny-employee-awards Credit: Seb Oliver/Cultura/Getty Images

One funny employee award is the Duct Tape award, which honors an employee for her ability to fix computers, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment when it becomes inoperable. Management can be honored with a Running with the Bulls award for taking great risks on behalf of the company.

A tongue-in-cheek employee award is the It's Five O'clock Somewhere award. This award humorously calls out the employee who is always more eager than any other employee to quit work and leave. A similar award is the Loch Ness award, which "honors" the employee who is never around when others need him.

A more positive humorous award is the Swiss Army Knife award. This honors employees who are indispensable to their teams and who the office seemingly cannot live without. A similar award is the First Responder award, which is used to honor employees who are always the first to attempt to fix problems when they arise.

An amusing variant on a standard award is a modified Employee of the Month award, used to honor someone for showing up each day to work. It comes with a humorous note saying that on some days, this is all management can really hope for.