What Are Some Funny Achievement Award Ideas?


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Funny achievement awards include "The Lochness Award, For Least Likely to be Found;" the "Duct Tape Award, For Being Able to Fix Just About Anything" and the "Human Vulture Award, For Eating Anything Found Lying Around." FunAwards.com, Workplace-Communication.com and SillyCertificates.com provide funny employee recognition award ideas.

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FunAwards.com offers packets of 101 printable awards for employees, office or teachers written by comedian Larry Weaver. An example of a funny employee leadership award is the "Running With the Bulls Award, for The Biggest Risk Taker." A sample office award is the "Office Quarterback Award, For Best at Handing Off Work."

Workplace-Communication.com provides ideas for workplace communication, employee engagement, employee recognition and employee retention. It suggests using awards to boost morale in order to boost productivity. Employees need recognition of their achievements in order to remain motivated. The website offers 30 suggestions for awards, including the "Bloody Well Done," "Proud to be Geek of the Week" and "Knight in Shining Armor" awards.

SillyCertificates.com provides instantly downloadable certificates including the "Human Megaphone Award, for talking so loud on the phone everybody in the office knows you're not working," the "Every Day is Friday Award, for being overly chipper no matter how badly things suck," and the "Wikipedia Award, for always having an answer to every question - whether it's right or not."

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