What Is a Funeral Home Assistant?


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The funeral home assistant helps the funeral director plan and perform funerals. They often focus on the bereaved family and do not perform any tasks that need licensing such as embalming and dressing the body. A polished appearance and a respectful nature is an important factor of a funeral home assistant.

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The tasks of a funeral home assistant varies with each funeral home, but the funeral home assistant usually visits the location of the dead body and transports the person to funeral home. The funeral home assistant then takes on the important task of readying the viewing room for the body visitation by arranging the seating, flowers and printouts of memorial service cards. During the viewing, the funeral home assistant greets visitors and directs or escorts them to their proper areas. T

The funeral home assistant’s main goal is to be a source of comfort for all visitors in an emotionally fragile time. During the funeral, the funeral home assistant’s job is to organize the details of the funeral procession and direct the pall bearer’s movement of the casket. The funeral home assistant’s diligence in preventing mishaps and quick reaction to any emergencies set the tone for the funeral, and the assistant must be ready to call 911 if the need arises. The funeral home assistant is often the one who signals the end of the funeral service at the graveside.

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