What Are Some Funds Offered by MainStay Investments?


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Some of the funds offered by MainStay Investments include the MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield, the MainStay ICAP International Fund, the MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund and the IQ Global Oil Small Cap ETF, notes the company's website. Most fund types are either mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

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Mainstay Investments offers funds for the purpose of building long-term wealth, generating income, managing volatility and performing tax-conscious investing, states MainStay Investments. The company offers investment options in both the U.S. equity market as well as the international markets. Investors can visit the official website to find daily prices and fact sheets associated with each fund. Some of the funds, such as the municipal/tax-advantaged bond, offer favorable tax treatment to the investors.

The MainStay Investments website lists all of its investment products and funds with associated financial metrics such as the public offering price, the net asset value, the percentage change in value and the percentage year-to-date return value. The performance tab of the fact sheet provides additional information related to the percentage return over the last 10 years and since inception. Investors can find the inception date as well to understand when the fund first became available. The yields and distributions tabs also provide financial data so that investors can determine the return rate on the funds to make an informed investment decision.

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