How Do You Fundraise?


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Fundraising requires asking people to donate money to a specific person or cause. While tactics vary, the fundamental premise of fundraising is asking people to give, either in exchange for some sort of compensation in the form of gifts or products of various types or because the money they donate furthers a cause they believe in.

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There are different types of fundraisers. The most commonly known type of fundraiser is the kind that has a cause. Breast cancer, starving children in Africa, and preservation of religious or historical locations are well-known causes that often move people to give. Many fundraisers give those who donate a type of thank-you gift, such as shirts, pictures of those who received aid, mugs or bags, depending on how much is donated. However, the expectation is usually that one gives with no expectation of return.

A new type of fundraiser is the crowdsourced fundraiser, where donors contribute to help a content creator with necessary costs to bring some manner of content to fruition. If the content creator achieves his fundraising goal, he produces the promised content, and donors receive whatever content they were promised for the amount they donated, with the understanding that any excess goes to the content creator.

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