What Are Some Functions of the Sysco Market?


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Some of the functions of the Sysco Market include business reviews, profitability consultations, safety training videos and menu evaluations and analysis. The Sysco Market connects restaurants and other food-related businesses in a partnership with Sysco, a company that is a reliable distributor of food, smallwares and chemicals.

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The Sysco Market allows Sysco to analyze a restaurant's ability to succeed in the food service industry where it is located. It evaluates a restaurant's food quality, menus, food safety, and its marketing and promotional tools, among others. The Sysco Market also offers a variety of tools for a restaurant to use during its operation such as it market reports, chef information and readily available food supplies. The Sysco Market is committed to the total success of a restaurant and, as of July 2015, has served over 425,000 customers.

Among the many features of the Sysco Market, it also offers the unique programs Sysco iCare and eNutrition. Sysco iCare is an extended group of resources designed to aid a restaurant in boosting its overall sales and staying competitive within its market. ICare connects a restaurant with other partners that are also able to protect its reputation and to help better educate its employees. ENutrition is an online archive of nutritional information on all of Sysco's food products that can help a restaurant to educate its customers as well as to adjust recipes for different eating habits.

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