What Are the Functions of a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager seeks out new markets for products and services, oversees an organization's marketing budget, forecasts sales, and assists in the implementation of sales and promotional campaigns. Marketing managers interact and communicate with marketing and sales staff, and assist in staff hiring and training.

Marketing managers conduct thorough market research and analysis to determine what strategies to use when marketing products and services to consumers. Managers are responsible for creating a marketing budget based on cost analysis and may also help set sales targets. Managers are expected to plan specific advertising campaigns and promotional events that lead to direct sales of products and services. To this end, a marketing manager often works closely with the sales department on sales strategies that are designed to achieve the desired results. Some marketing managers may also be charged with supervising a sales team in addition to marketing personnel.

A marketing manager must demonstrate good communication skills when conducting meetings with management and employees. Staying abreast of marketing trends is a necessity when juggling multiple promotion and sales tasks. In addition, marketing managers hire, train and supervise employees while steering their teams towards achieving long-term and short-term marketing objectives. Customer satisfaction is a marketing manager's ultimate goal, and managers sometimes make changes in strategy to accommodate the desires of consumers.