What Are the Functions of a Marketing Executive?

A marketing executive is responsible for overseeing daily activities within the marketing department of a company. As a core part of the company's communication strategy, the marketing executive plans, develops and implements marketing campaigns to expand the client scope, enhance awareness about the company and promote services and products.

Beyond overseeing the work of marketing personnel, the marketing executive is in charge of writing copy for promotional materials, such as letters, emails, website copy and brochures. A marketing executive is also tasked with the function of understanding the needs of clients, the products and services offered by the company and strategies to market to the target audience. This knowledge and understanding is then analyzed and used to create conference, event and exhibition materials to disseminate to potential, current and past clients.

The marketing executive's function includes monitoring current marketing campaigns, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies and brainstorming changes or additions to the marketing program. Cost analysis of existing campaigns is also a function of the marketing executive, such as balancing the budget, ensuring funds for future campaigns and a breakdown of how funds are spent on each campaign.

Analyzing the marketing campaigns of competitors to determine how current campaigns can be strengthened or expanded to keep up with the competition and meet customer needs is also commonly required of marketing executives.