What Is the Function of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission?

What Is the Function of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission?

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission regulates the state's real estate industry by overseeing the licensing of brokers, sales managers and property managers. Its goal is to prevent members of the public from being taken advantage of during real estate transactions.

In addition to issuing licenses, the Real Estate Commission enforces various other standards, such as mandatory continuing education for professionals. It also investigates complaints and can take disciplinary action when it finds violations of licensing standards.

The commission is part of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. It consists of an administrative staff and nine board members, who may be either appointed or elected. By law, two members must have occupations outside the real estate industry itself. Terms on the commission run for four years.

The Real Estate Commission is also charged with keeping up with best practices and changes in the real estate industry in order to make recommendations to the legislature for new or revised regulations.

Candidates for licensing n South Carolina must be at least 18 years old. In certain cases, and depending on the role, applicants must take either a 30-hour or 60-hour pre-licensing course. Pre-licensing is waived for individuals with law degrees or undergraduate degrees with a major in real estate.