What Is the Function of Human Resources at Kaiser Permanente?

The function of the Human Resources department at Kaiser Permanente is to build teams that engage within and with each other while promoting a culture and environment of respect. The department is also charged with the development of strategies that deal with recruitment and retention of employees.

Kaiser Permanente's Human Resources department is charged with developing and recruiting staff members whose skills and views align with the company's mission. The department's staff is further charged in helping new and existing employees to find their own unique place and position inside the Kaiser Permanente organization.

Staff members working in Kaiser Permanente's Human Resources can choose to specialize in a variety of roles, such as recruitment, training and development. Other roles in this division also includes benefits and compensation specialists and human resources information systems specialists.

As of 2015, Kaiser Permanente employs approximately 190,000 staff members, which are made up of both general employees and physicians. All of these staff members are also given access to the My HR through their own personal account. This online tool allows Kaiser Permanente employees to access information regarding their work benefits, salary and insurance enrollment status. An employee of Kaiser Permanente can have a variety of job benefits that are dependent on his location, job position and any representation by employee groups.