What Are Some Fun Ways to Give Money?


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Creative ways to give money include filling a balloon with cash and confetti or forming a box using dollar bills and filling it with cash, says Babble's Jennifer Hadfield. Other methods include forming a lei with money or placing cash in a box covered with a graduation cap.

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Another gift mechanism is inserting various forms of currency into the paper wraps contained in a box of assorted chocolates in lieu of sweets, according to Jennifer Hadfield. Other possibilities include forming a fake pizza inside of pizza box by circularly spreading banknotes and hanging cash from the inside of an umbrella, according to Buzzfeed.

Alternatively, individuals can fill the inside of a mason jar with candy and insert currency in the center or create a bouquet with cash attached to flowers' stems, says Christian Personal Finance. One can also include money in a matchbox as a play on the "money to burn" expression, fill fast food containers with cash and place them inside a paper bag from the restaurant, or wrap items such as candy bars using banknotes.

Other suggestions include freezing cash by placing it a plastic bag in the center of ice to make it "cold hard cash." Forming a gift-wrapping bow out of dollar bills or framing larger denominations of money with the words "in an emergency, break the glass" are also suggested by Christian Personal Finance.

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